The Annual Summer Workshop

We will accept all inquiries regarding future classes or workshops that Burt might be giving during the coming year 

Over the past two decades, Burt Silverman has conducted several week long classes devoted to enhancing the painting and drawing skills of both young and older aspiring artists. Set in an the heart of Manhattan and enhanced by the small class size that stresses collegiality and shared experiences, the climate of these classes is highly energizing and productive.

His program is devoted both to developing technical skill and also, perhaps more importantly, how to observe as well as see the world around us. This implies selective vision and perceptual awareness. The success of these classes is confirmed by the many talented professional artists that have emerged after having been his students in the past.

Where: The studio is located on the Upper West Side of New York City. Workshops are limited to 12 students only. The programs will consist of intensive 5-day morning drawing classes and afternoon painting classes with models. The curriculum will center on the figure and also specifically portraiture, but no area of pictorial concern is excluded.

All inquiries about the 2015 workshop can be directed to us at

324 West 71st Street,
NY, NY 10023